Providing a variety of health application solutions, the optimal alternatives to antibiotics, and superior lactic acid bacteria powder

MUZI BIO LTD, also known as MuziAgri has been specializing in the research and development, production, sales and export in the lines of beneficial microorganisms and natural herbal extracts for 16 years, gained more than 20 National Invention Patents and achieved National Progress awards in science and Technology. For pursuing high-quality products, it has built three organic planting bases and established two independent laboratory houses. Meanwhile, the R&D group has been jointly developing many national scientific projects with with many famous universities and Institutes. In the R&D center, there are 5 professors, 8 doctors and 15masters working together, who graduated from Microbiology, Phytochem and Veterinary. MUZIBIO featured products range from #plantextract, organic agricultural products (black/red goji berry, Chinese peony tree), probiotics freeze dried powder and derivative product, feed additives to fermented Chinese Medicines. Furthermore, the most valuable is th

Where to find the Best Alternative to Antibiotics in Animal Breeding and Health?

After the prohibition act of antibiotics went into effect,the use of antibiotic growth promoters for livestock in the feeding industry are banned, In the animal health and nutrition market,sprang out multifarious alternatives to antibiotics. as we know mineral subsance,nutrients,traditional Chinese medicines,herbal extracts,probiotics,fermented Chinese medicines etc. We can not say which single substance is the most powerful, but a scientific combination certainly plays a significant role. Natural herbal remedies are good, but the side effects are hard to control and remove,plus the expensive cost leads the low ultilization.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)is a classic weapon for the Chinese nation to resist diseases. At the same time, China's traditional Chinese medicine is rich in resources and advanced in concept. It is suitable for the treatment of diseases and has significant curative effect. However, traditional Chinese medicine also has inherent defects, for example the p

Muzi Agricultural with its organic planting base of Black Goji Berry

We, Muzi Agricultural Ltd(MuziAgri), founded in 2014, is a worldwide manufacturer and exporter of highly quality natural bioactive ingredients for nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthy foods industries. as well as we has 5000 acres of organic goji berry planting base that meets the organic standards of the US,EU. which has unique features, learn them from below video and pictures briefly. Long sunshine duration High Altitude Strong Uultraviolet Radiation Big Temperature Gap Low Pesticide Irrigation warer comes from kunlun mountain mineral water Non-chemical fertilizers and Non-chemical pesticides, Non- sulphur fumigation and Non-color-protection during processing MuziAgri's cooperative black gojiberry planting base passed  European Union Organic,USDA ORGANIC, US FDA, ISO9001:2015, QS, Kosher Ceritified. has the ability of providing new item researh and development, OEM,Services etc. Why we say the strongest free redical

Dried Organic Chinese Wolfberry from MuziAgri

#Muzi Agricultural( # MuziAgri ),  is a worldwide manufacturer and exporter of highly quality natural bioactive ingredients. Provides products ranging from standardized herbal extracts, APIs, dried botanical raw materials, herbal powder, fruit powder, formula blends for nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthy foods industries.  At present, # MuziAgri 's Chinese herbal medicine planting base in Yunnan Wenshan, Qinghai Nuomuhong, organic vegetable cultivation base in Hanzhong Xixiang county. #MuziAgri ’s red goji berry was grew in Qaidam Basin (in Qinghai Province) # Chaidamu #Lycium #barbarum has the characteristics of large granules, red color, thick meat, high sugar content and sweet taste. Rich in carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients for the human body, sexual balance, sweet, nourishing the liver and kidney, tonifying the essence of the bright eye, belong to blood tonic dru

Buy Natural Hedera Helix (IVY) Extract For Cellulite in Cosmetics From MuziAgri

About HEDERA HELIX (IVY) EXTRACT: The ivy plant is an evergreen climbing plant and its botanical name is Hedera helix. It has a strong, ligneous stem and sticks to walls and trees by means of its hook roots. The constituents of ivy are triterpenoid saponins, comprising the hederagenin glycosides, hederacoside C (5%),  ß-hederin and the oleanolic acid glycosides, hederacoside, phenolic acids, flavonoids, malic acid and fatty acids. It further contains rutin and nicotifloroside in the flavonoids which are part of the phenolic compounds as well as caffeic and chlorogenic acids. The active ingredients are the triterpenic saponins which are to be found in all parts of the plant. and ß and K hederin have been isolated and later the hederacoside. Hederacoside A is hydrolysable into glucose, arabinose and hederagenine, this lat compound belonging to the group of pentacyclical triterpenes; and B hederacoside can be hydrolyzed into rhamnose, arabinose and oleanic acid. Ivy (Hed

Where to Buy the Real Ratio Herbal Extracts?

Where to Buy The Real Ratio herbal Extracts with the Best Quality? Edited by Marketing Dept.,Dec.15,2017 Refer to ratio herbal extracts, people are facing a tough problem that most ratio extracts are fake in spices,extraction ratio,raw materials and many other aspects. Because of limited identification method and testing equipments as well as extra risk costs. therefore, it's very necessary to cooperate with a reliable supplier of natural herbal extracts.  Muzi Agricultural supplies you with superior natural herbal extracts and good faith services. All ratio extracts of Muzi agricultural are real. They will never lower the costs by reducing the ratio of extraction or by adding some addtives or excipients to instead of the real stuff. The raw materials are subject to strict selection and inspection in accordance with GAP guidelines. and Muzi Agricultural equippes sophisticated experimental facilities and detection devices HPLC,UV,GC, in its independent laboratory with a

Andrographolide is a potential cancer therapeutic agent and an immune support isolated from Andrographis paniculata.

Andrographis: Andrographolide (Herba Andrographistis Extract) Overview: Andrographolide is a  labdane   diterpenoid  that has been isolated from the stem and leaves of  Andrographis paniculata . Andrographolide is an extremely bitter substance.  Description: Name of Item:   Andrographolide Other Names:/ Molecular formula:  C 20 H 30 O 5 Molecular weight: 350.45 CAS No.:   5508-58-7 Specs.: 98%,50%,20% by HPLC Quality Standard:ChP 2010 Botanical Souce: The whole plants of Andrographis Paniculata(Burm.f) Ness Appearance:   Lamellar crystallization Product Benefits:  Remove heat, detoxify, diminish inflammation and relieve pain Applications: Treatment of bacterial and viral upper respiratory tract infections and dysentery Storage:   Store in a cool dry place, avoiding sunlight directly Shelf life: 24 months when sealed well Packing: 25kg per cardboard drum with inner double plastic bags. Benefits of Andrographis* Antica